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Hey there,

Selling a set of 4 – 2003 Mach1 Wheels and tires (just bought the Mach 1). Want to put something a little different on the Mach1 (with 315’s in the rear) – just want to make sure I had these sold first.

The tires are pretty close to new Goodyear Eagle ZR45's - size 245/45ZR17's. Found these tires on the Discount Tires web site for $175 each (that would be $700 plus the mounting/balancing/ etc). The wheels are 17 X 8's – in excellent condition. The price for these wheels on the Ford Racing Parts web site (for genuine Ford wheels - P/N M-1007-M178) is $155.00 each (total of $620.00). So, the total if you were to go out and buy these would be $1320.00 plus tax. That’s NOT what I would like to get for them - but am not sure what would be reasonable. Would like to see $900 for the set.

Anyone interested in making an offer?

Let me know.

Thanks - Page
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