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I recently ran into some issues with tire growth.

This weekend I put on a set of 28 x 12.5 - 15 et streets and went to the track. I thought I had enough tire clearance as I modified my ground effects (1991 GT). At mid track I started getting a ton of smoke ( I mean the car looked like it blew a headgasket it was smoking so much). I burned all the way through both the front and rear ground effects for the back wheels and it started to rub the metal on the fenders.

On my 26's this never happened obviously because of the diameter. I am guessing these tires went from a 28" to almost a 30" as they grew that much to touch the metal on the fender by the ground effects.

My question is, what tires can I get that will not rub, but still allow me to trap in the 135 mph zone and see around 6,500 rpm through the traps? I am running a 3.90 gear out back and am using a Tremec 3550 TKO.

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