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Ford Mustang California Hot Rod | eBay

Sorry couldn't resist, But its a nice car, but WTH?
The seller likely isn't sure of the exact mods.
They added a MAF (Mass air conversion) and they put in 24# injectors.

Also, I agree with the ad, that it looks like the car has done some qtr mile runs, etc. Look at the rear, it doesn't sit level. It's even worse than stock (and, imho, that's pretty bad).

Imho, that car REALLY needs a good PORNO RED interior. :)
Sorry, the blah beige/puke interior runs the overall look and "badness" of the car.

Also, being an '86, in 100% STOCK form, there is NO fender area for wider tires. Hence, one reason the car sits higher (to prevent rubbing). That's why the lower rear driver's side gives me the "run the f**** away as fast as you can" vibe.

Also, imho, those RICER blackout rear tail lights SCREAM RICER crap build!

Otherwise, I agree that the body looks like it's in good shape. Who knows about the frame, unibody, torque boxes, rear-end alignment, etc.
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