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Hey guy,

Just a easy question that ive searched forever for but cannot find the definitive answer.

I have setup a fuel multiplier in my Holley to run a Flex Fuel Sensor. Im just wanting to know the added fuel volume % to input for the scaling tables.

Holley has a default value of 0% to 34%, for 0- 100% ethanol. Keep seeing post where E85 requires about 30% more fuel over 0% ethanol gasoline.

If you divide the Stoichiometric properties of gas and 100% ethanol, it equates to roughly 63%...14.7/9.0=63

So shouldnt E85 be around 52%? 14.7/9.7=51

Im not understanding the 30% people are saying, cause if you do the math its way more ! Even if your pump gas has up to 10% E, the math says i should be adding 42% if going to true E85.

Thanks for the help guy, the Flex Fuel Sensor isnt going to work for **** if the scaling isnt right.....
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