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I’m making the jump to having my engine run and be a full stand alone.
302, Edebrock Intake & Carb, T5 trans.
How does everyone have their stand alone engines set up? Any one using an in car switch panel to control fuel pump?
I know I’m gonna totally ditch the car’s factory Computer, and wiring.
For the fuel system I want to run my own wiring and have it on a switch panel in the car.
New MSD Pro-Billet Distributor and MSD ignition box will be here next week(along with my new spray set up :headbob: ) So the ignition itself is pretty self explanatory. I’m just trying to get as much advice and info from people who’ve done similar with their fox. I’ve read and watched a lot of the videos and threads on similar stuff but direct input and tips are much better IMO. Thanks in advanced!


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