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So after two weeks I get my car done after relocating the battery to the trunk so I can mount the ign box and coil in the old battery location, so last night I fire it up and all seems good, go have a shower then gonna take it for a spin, well it just cranks.
I say DARN it for the night and get to it today(sunday).
I have installed a brand new digital 6al, soldered all connections done a pretty good job if I do say so myself;).

So anyway run through the check list in the instruction and when I ground the white wire it intermittently spark, if I leave it for a few hours it starts and idles no issues,but turn it off after 5 min then go to restart no spark.
I have 10.5volts when cranking at the box,i believe this is fine as I am cranking the engine.
I know the instructions say 12 volts but does anyone know what the actual voltage for the box to run? I would think anything above 9v would be okay.
Another thing I noticed is that the little red wire(switched 12v) get voltage back feeding from the box from the large red wire(Battery).
Is this normal

I'm going to warranty the box tomorrow but if anyone has ideas please let me know.

Thank you
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