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I have a set of diamond -15cc pistons .020 over, one of which is brand new. The others are in good shape, only ran for about 4K. Machine shop said they were good to use. One has a very small nick in it from ptv contact but it was run as it is in my engine no problem. The pistons are currently connected to boss 5.0 connecting rods. I’d prefer keeping them together but if you want just the pistons or rods I can separate them. Just need time to do it. Connecting rods come with all new bolts.

$650 for the set. Pistons and rods.

I have a set of arp head studs, 3v specific. In good l.


Arp main studs and side bolts for 4 bolt mains.


Stock crank


Have a set of brand new moly file fit rings for 20 over bore. Still in box.


Set of brand new clevite main and connecting rod bearings. For aluminum blocks. Standard clearance on both.


All prices do not include shipping. Any questions please ask away. Thanks.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts