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Many of you are familiar with handheld tuners, it seems that many Mustang owners are not aware of what a great contender the Trinity could be when shopping them out. Also, in my time here are Diablosport, I've become aware that it sometimes gets passed over by potential users because of certain misconceptions about how it functions.

Here's the overview and some facts and features about the Trinity to give you an idea of what it's really about. If any of you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Trinity T1000

Supported Applications and Maximum Power Gains:

In addition to the preloaded tunes, here’s what makes it such a cool product for your Shelby Mustang

1. Air/Fuel Gauges with NO EXTRA GAUGES/SENSORS NEEDED (for 2011+):

The Trinity interprets PID and DMR OBD-II and converts it into virtual gauges! Many of you may know, that the newest generation of Mustang is factory equipped with a wideband 02 sensor. This means with the Trinity you can look at A/F ratio onscreen as a gauge, record it, or set the programmable LEDs to function as a gauge alarm and give a warning if the engine is running too rich or too lean. The gauges on Trinity can be further customized to simultaneously monitor just about any other factory OBD-II sensor like knock, coolant, IAT, etc. displayed on up to 5 gauges per screen or “page” for a maximum of 45 PIDs at once. Once you've filled a screen with gauges, you can create a new page that will let you add another 4-5 and so on, for up to 9 total pages.

2. Multi-stage Shift Light

The 5 LEDs next to the Trinity’s screen can be set up as a shift-light in "monitoring" mode to all light up at a single predetermined RPM for maximum visibility, or progressively so that as RPMs approach your shift point, the LEDs will light up in sequentially 100 RPM increments to warn you it's almost time to shift!

3. Preloaded Performance Programs:

Trinity is preloaded with tunes for different octanes of fuel, and also includes preloaded tunes for popular cold air intake brands such as C&L, Steeda, AIRAID, etc...These tunes can make a real improvement in USEABLE POWER a stock car with no other modifications required!

Available Tunes:

  • 93 Octane Performance Tune for all supported application
  • 91 Octane Performance Tune for all supported applications
  • 93 Octane 4-6 lb. Pulley Tune (GT-500)
  • Prewritten tunes for upgraded supercharger pulleys and MAF sensors (see above and/or call for details)
  • Preloaded CAI (Cold Air Induction) Tunes* for 2007-13 Mustang GT and Shelby. Kits used in testing: JLT, Air Raid, K&N, Steeda, and Ford Racing
  • 100 mm Generic Cold Air Tune for 5.0 Coyote Mustangs. Fits most popular brands of CAI kits that have a 100mm bore around the MAF sensor element.
  • Custom Tuning Supported for all applications through Diablosport Ford CMR Dealers

4. Custom Tuning Compatible:

Trinity can be loaded with custom tunes by Bama, and many other tuning companies, for just any modification you have in mind! Trinity will store up to 5 custom tunes to easily switch from one to another at the track or on the street.

5. Virtual Drag Strip

If you've got a safe place to test your vehicle but can't make it to the track to test your 0-60, 0-100, 1/8th mile or 1/4 mile time, Trinity has a virtual drag strip built right in. The virtual dragstrip function gives reaction time, quarter-mile ET and MPH, and is accurate within 1/10 second.

6. Adjustable Parameters in easy to understand format:

The Trinity allows you to make adjustments to a lot of parameters on your vehicle on your own! Most of the adjustments are formatted in plain language and based on simple values like percentage, on/off, RPM range, etc.

The Trinity currently come loaded with the following user-adjustable parameters for Shelbys:

  • Speedometer for Tire Size and Axle Ratio
  • Idle RPM (neutral and drive)
  • WOT Fuel rich/lean (2-4000 RPM/4-7000 RPM)
  • WOT Spark advance/retard (2k-4k/4k-7k)
  • Global Spark Adjustment (adjusts the entire map up or down)
  • Full MAF Curve Adjustment (Fueling)
  • Rev Limiter
  • Shift Point Adjust (Automatic GT-350)

Mountable in a Gauge Pod

For a more customized installation in your Mustang, you can use the T1020 gauge pod adapter in ANY 2 & 1/16th POD mount from your favorite brand. This provides the Trinity with a more solid mount in the car, and has an adjustable pivot angle for better viewing.
NOTE: Many users have asked me over the years if the Trinity has to be left plugged in all the time to program your vehicle. The answer is definitely NOT. You only have to leave it plugged in when you want to use the gauges, shift light, or dragstrip.

For more detailed information take a look here!

Thanks for reading, if there's anything that you would like to see DiabloSport do that your current programmers don't offer, post up here and we'll take a real close look at what you're asking for. We have a commitment to Mustang enthusiasts and want to make the best product we can to suit your needs.

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