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Alright, I thought i had a buyer for the intake/tuner, but he has a 07 and the Predator is supposed to be for 05-06 models. I also have a 2007 GT and the Predator came with my supercharger kit and loaded up the tune, but im not gonna to risk selling it to someone and have it not work.

The only time this tuner was used was to limp the car to the shop to get dynoed using the SCT tuner i already had. The Predator comes with the vortech supercharger tune(air/air,water to air, no IC), but does not come with a tune for the JLT intake. That can be purchased separate for $50. Im asking $230 shipped, but am open to offers. I need to get rid of it.

I also have the JLT II intake off my 07. The tube is painted alloy metallic. Im asking $160shipped.

Again, i need these gone!
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