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Hey guys, i am wondering how you attract business for your detail services. years ago i detailed at a honda dealership, learned how to clean cars pretty well, and then applied that knowledge to my old cars. i stared doing some jobs for friends, then one day i started flyering a few neighborhoods.

i have had a lot of repeat customers, and have a few folks that i do several times a year, but i just moved to a new area, kinda rural, incomes are less, folks are more "do it yourselfers" and i am curious how i should try to attract new folks. here are my ideas:

flyers, neigborhoods/parking lots
local bullitin boards
multi-car discounts
refer a friend discounts
gift certificates
maybe a 5th one 1/2 off, or something like that.

I am a mobile guy, with all my stuff in a few 5 gal buckets, that extension cords and a hose and i can work anywhere. I have a great pole barn, but i am out in the country a little, and i do not like the liability of driving folks cars. (plus cleaning the dust off twice). This is not my main source of income, I have a great full time job, this is just for play money. i have had a lot of success with this in the past, and the overhead is very minimum.

lmk, thx!
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