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Hello everyone,

My name is Dakota, and I am an avid motorsports enthusiast. I have a yellow '95 Mustang GT that I bought about 3 years ago when I took my old Miata off the road. It wasn't my first choice (wasn't even on my list TBH), but it has turned out to be an amazing car and I love it! Pic attached.

Mod list is small:
- MM caster/camber plates (set to -3deg)
- MGW Short Shifter
- Braided brake lines
- Hawk HP+ pads
- Poly bushings (front)
- Bully Stg 1 clutch

For some history, I got a Miata straight out of college and found a home in the Motorsport Club of Ottawa. I started Autocrossing and haven't stopped yet. Sadly, the Miata didn't last much more than a year before rot became a serious issue and it needed to be retired. I decided to give it a warrior's death, took it off the road, and used it for 2 years in Snowcross and Ice Racing. It was then sold to another ice racer who has yet to fix up some impact damage and return it to duty.

For about a year, I looked for viable replacements. Anything from BMWs to MR2s, RX7s to RSXs. My usual search wasn't going too well, so I decided to see what was available for Mustangs and there she was. Again, weren't even on my radar, and now I don't know why not. Picked it up out of storage in the spring, and immediately had it prepped for a season of fun.

Since I've owned it, I've competed at Autocrosses in Ottawa, Picton, Ste Eustache QC and Summerside PEI, as well as participated in HPDEs at Calabogie Motorsports Park and Shannonville Motorsports Park. This year, I managed a 3rd place in the local AutoX championship, with several 1st place wins.

Who says Mustangs can't turn corners?

I've been back and forth as to whether I would sell it and move on, or keep it and mod it. I'm back on a keep it and mod it swing, and have found some parts here that I'd be interested in getting my hands on. I've actually lurked on here for many years, and have read/re-read many threads. As long as I keep it, I will continue on my mod path, and will likely start getting into road racing a little more aggressively.

Looking to the future, I have MM lower control arms BNIB, along with poly bushings for the rear. Was going to hold off on putting that in until I could go all out, but I can't splurge on the entire PHB/TA/Coils setup right now. Guess I'll need to refresh the UCA's and quads. Removal will have to wait. :frown2: I have a set of MM Full Length Subframe Connectors that I plan to put in this spring, and plan to grab the MM 4pt k-member brace to help tighten things up... and am currently looking for stiffer springs (with matching dampers) to help with the body roll. Last year, I went from 235 wide to 255 wide RS3's and the resulting grip (along with the shorter bumpstops in the MM CC Plates), allows my front left tire to rub the inner fender on sustained, hard right corners.


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