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My current exhaust set up is a 3" into a Y then into dual 3" ultraflow mufflers that dump before the axle. Since the install of the T/A the exhaust needs to be tweaked as it is hitting on the new cross member for the T/A. The picture below shows the set up before the T/A.

Will running a single 3" and deleting the drivers side completely hurt the cars performance? I know the 3" should be a 3.5" but the way the turbo kit was built the 3" is it, bigger pipes would require almost a complete re-do, not happening any time soon.

Who is a good vendor for Precision turbo exhaust housing? I need a .96 badly. I have a GTS76 with a .81A/R currently.

Is a turbo blanket worth the money? I was shocked to see how expensive they were for a quality one.
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