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The car is titled as an '84 but has been completely converted over to look like an 87-93. The body is straight and it was painted in april of 2006. There are a couple of nicks in the hood and the front bumper but it looks great from 5ft away. The rear seat needs to be cut to clear the roll bar, I was just going to get a rear seat delete for it. With a little bit of work you could make this car into a nice street car, it has plenty of get up and go it just needs new door panels, new weatherstripping, little things like that to be a nice car. With the combination that's in the car now, it is NASTY. Over the last 2 years it's mostly just been a weekend cruiser with a trip to the track every now and then. It's been 10.67 leaving off the footbrake and it went 10.43 on the compucar 75 shot. Those passes were on drag radials, it's never made a pass with slicks. I have the timeslips.

Here's the deal. The motor that is in the car now is knocking. Feel free to come listen to it run. I have a BULLET PROOF shortblock that will go with the car. It's an A4 block with a Sonny Bryant billet crank, Oliver Super Lightweight forged rods, Ross forged pistons, and a custom blower cam. It would cost you about $6,000 to replicate this shortblock. The shortblock is at the machine shop, completely unassembled right now so if you are in the Boca Raton area you can inspect everything with your own eyes. I've bought cars in the past that were supposed to have this and that in the bottom end but when it goes kaboom and you pull it apart, what's supposed to be in there ISN'T. You won't have any doubts with this one. I don't have any pictures of the shortblock at this time but I'm going to see if I can get some next week. The car is located in Lake City, Florida, the shortblock is in Boca Raton, Florida.

Ok, so heres the run down on the car:

306 Mexican block.
Box stock Victor Jr heads.
Performer RPM upper and lower.
FRPP "Z" camshaft
Longtube headers.
42lb injectors.
Vortech SQ-Trim (very quiet blower, sounds like a vacuum leak)
Griffin Aluminum radiator with electric fan.
AFM power pipe.
MSD 6AL ignition.
Custom tune by Tony Gonyon at HP Performance.
75mm throttle body.
80mm maf

It has a solid, custom built C4 with all the high end internals and a transbrake.
Cheetah TCS shifter.

It has a complete UPR billet rear suspension, including the UPR anti-roll bar. It hooks hard and straight everytime. Anyone can drive this car. It has aerospace rear brakes, 33 spline axles and a full spool.

It comes with the compucar bottle in a bag system.

This car has been on the back burner because we've been building a radial car the last 2 years so all the details on this one are sort of foggy but I've listed most of the "big" stuff. With the combination that's in it now, it was a MEAN little street car. It would run 10.60's-70's all day long. The new combination will be as bulletproof as it gets. When the other shortblock goes in it, get an intercooler and crank up the boost, or just up the nitrous, it'll take all you can throw at it, it will go high 9's without a doubt! That was our goal when building the shortblock. The wife found a house that she wants so this one has to go!

My bottom dollar is $10,000.00. It is well worth it. I'll be taking a huge loss selling it at that price, if I can't get that for it I will just keep it and finish it up. I could part the car out and get that for it but that would take longer and be a bigger headache, so someone is going to get a deal. It would take $6k just to build the A4 shortblock.

Here is a link to some pictures.

I think I picked the worst time of the day to take the pics. If you want to see some better ones let me know and I'll take them in better lighting. Please don't waste my time bull####ting. If you don't have the money in your hand, wait and call me when you do. Check with your wife/girlfriend/life partner/other personality/whatever BEFORE you call. Thank you.

You can reach me at this number if you have any questions: (386) 719-9482.

Thank you,
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