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Converter & 4r help/opinions wanted


been running my PI triple disc now for 2 years. asked for a 4k stall and when i first got it it was at 4600. used that all of last year and the car went a best of [email protected] with a lot of [email protected] sent the converter back a month ago and said i wanted it to it back a few weeks ago and its at 4200. PI said it was originally a -7 stator and they went down 2 steps to a 0 stator which should have been about 1k rpms. is it that hard to get a correct stall speed when you know where it already is? they said they will redo it but I want to make sure this is what I want.

on a dyno, the car makes peak tq at 4200...its a roots blower though and tq is pretty similar from 3500 to 5000. i think the first half of the track should be better and especially the 60's.

so what i want to know is....where you want the stall speed?

also..i have a 2-step and a trans brake. i have heard anywhere from 500rpms to 1k rpms BELOW the stall speed to set the 2-step. today talking with PI, they said 300rpm below the stall. they also said to lock it up in 2nd instead of at the end in 3rd which i thought people said was bad for the tranny?

THEN....I called Lentech as I have one of their trannies...4r70w w/ brake, OD, L/U and manual VB. tranny has been excellent for 2 years now. it also has the Wide ratio...2.8 first to the 1.5 second...thats a huge jump! each shift drops to about 5000-5200 rpms or so. Lentech said the close ration gear sets he usually recommends for low low 10s and under but said to go with a non lockup converter and i would go faster. thoughts??

im just trying to figure this thing out and run what i want and think this car should be running...10.50's @ 130 and 60 in the mid 1.4 range...thanks for any input/help
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