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I just completed a top end upgrade onto my stock 302HO short-block. I'm guessing these codes are pretty common to show up when the egr system is deleted during such top end upgrades, but I'm wanting to get my 91 GT tuned, and the dyno/tuning facility is 190 miles away, and I don't want to be turned around and told to fix these issues, unless a tune can turn this stuff off. The guys at premiere said they would use sct moates chip, and suggested I go with a pro-M maf meter, and I did go with an 80mm unit.

The three codes I got were.

31. EVP or PFE circuit is less than minimum voltage
44. thermactor air system fault
94. air diverter solenoid circuit fault

The funny thing is that I had the smog pump disconnected, and the egr system inoperable since I went to my long-tube headers way before I swapped my top end to the new stuff. I have the egr plunger plugged into the harness and zip-tied outa the way for now thinking that would keep it from triggering a cel. but, no-go.
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