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Straight piped the minivan,. GOTTA LOVE IT

2006 Panty Dropper - Trade

2006 Panty Dropper

"Is your wife bitching at you to get rid of that rear wheel drive death trap sitting in your driveway for something a little more "family oriented"? Are you too much of a vagina to tell her you love the car more than her or the kids? Sounds like you need this bad ass sex machine.

It's a 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT model (stands for Super Xtra Turbo) with 202k miles on it. It's got the 3.8L V6 - they put this engine in it just so you can #### all over the ricey Civics in your town. You know what I'm talking about, they pull up to the red light next to you, hang their arm out the window, and blow a huge cloud of vape in your direction while listening to some douche ass song on their cheap ass Sony subwoofers. It's insanely satisfying to choke them out with the exhaust fumes from this thing.

Which leads me to my next selling point: THIS BEAST IS STRAIGHT-PIPED FROM THE CAT ALL THE WAY BACK. That's right, not only can you cart your heathen children to soccer practice, you can pretend you're driving a race car while doing it. I took it to Mad-Hatter over the summer and told them to "make it obnoxiously loud." Well, I got what I wanted. My neighbors ####ing hate me when I fire this bitch up at 5 O'clock in the morning.

It gets all the looks. Fine ass 20-year-old girls stare at it when you rumble by them. Middle-aged men give it a thumbs up when you rev it at a red light, if that's more your thing. I just changed the air filter, and threw some iridium spark plugs in it, because why not. Tires have plenty of tread on them to keep you out of a ditch in the rain, because most minivan drivers have sub-par driving skills.

Technically a three owner car, but it was my old man's for the majority of its life, so you know that #### was well maintained. Oil changes every 3k for the entirety of those 202k miles.

Pros: Starts every single time, A/C is colder than an Eskimo's nutsack, has a tow hitch, brand new battery (3-year warranty at Walmart), stow-and-go seating so you can put 20 dead bodies in the back, not covered in dents and scratches like most 10-year-old minivans.

Cons: Leaks half a quart of oil between 3k changes, cruise doesn't work, headliner is sagging, turn signals work but they don't turn off automatically, bleach stain on the right passenger carpet because my mom put bleach in the carpet cleaner bottle, and general wear and tear.

This thing is a reliable, fun (for a minivan), daily driver. But I'm a young guy who likes cars, and a minivan isn't really what I want. I do not by any means need to get rid of it, just seeing what's out there and waiting for the right trade to come along.

I am entertaining trades for another daily driver:
Must be MANUAL, no automatics.
Must have working A/C.
Must have some type of a backseat for my dog.
Mostly looking for a Camaro/Firebird or Mustang that is a V8, but I'm keeping an open mind to other interesting vehicles.
Let me know what you have."
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