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This hoonstang is outfitted with a badass rattle can and sharpie art paint job. It's Far from perfect but looks badass so don't expect perfection out of it. It's got the dark charcoal interior with leather seats. Drivers seat has some tears in it but the rest of the interior is near mint. Service engine light is on but runs and drives just fine doesn't effect anything. Tires are still in decent shape and does come with two extra rims as well that match. I'm still waiting for the title to get mailed to my buddies house but he's been out of town so when he gets back I should be able to get it. It's registered in my name and registration is good until may.
*Genuine rattle can paintjob that is FAR from perfect.
*Mint interior except for the torn up driver seat
*Pesky CE light doesn't hurt nuthin.
*No title
*Seller has no mailing address
*Salvage title
*badass :grin2:
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