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Up for sale are 4 original chrome mustang rims with tires. All four rims are 16x7. They will fit the 1979-1993 Ford Mustang. They are 4-lug (4x4.25). The rims are in decent shape. Normal stuff for rims a little over 7 years old. I had these on my 1990 mustang but took them off and got a set of weld wheels. The tires on the wheels are fairly new with lots of tread life left. about 80 percent except one tire has about 50 percent. 3 of the tires are dunlop and one of them is good year. they are all 225/55/16

All the rims are in pretty good condition with the exception of one. The chrome started to chip a bit along the lip of the rim. Something very common with chrome rims. I got a quote from my rim guy that he normally charges 65-100 dollars to re-dip a rim in chrome. Other than the chips, and slight curb marks the rims are straight with no dents and are not bent. Rims holds the air pressure great without leaking any air out.

also, I lost one the chrome center caps so there is a regular silver one on it.

Please bid with confidence. Check my feedback rating. I have 100% positive feedback rating.

I will need payment to be maid my money orders or paypal only.

Wheels will be shipped VIA UPS ground. I don't know exactly how much shipping is going to be so im just gonna put what everyone else puts, which is around 85 dollars. on top of that, I have tires on the rims which make it heavier. but it will still be around 85 dollars. no more than that.
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