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Improve the looks of your Mustang and spice up its appearance with our freshly released selection of rear spoilers by Anderson Composites for 2015-2018 Ford Mustang. Designed with the utmost attention to details and with the specifications of your latest generation model in mind, they will ensure proper fit, easy installation and ever-lasting functionality.

Manufactured from reliable high-grade materials, Anderson Composites products will provide you with the durability you can rely on and keep your modern muscle at the cutting edge of style. If you're looking to add a truly memorable styling element on your Mustang, consider one of the exquisite rear spoilers by Anderson Composites as an option. Each spoiler possesses its own unique features to cover your needs.

Anderson Composites® - AT-Style Rear Spoiler

Anderson Composites® - GT350 Style Rear Spoiler

Anderson Composites® ST-Style Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler with Wicker Bill

Add an incredible look and performance advantage to your muscle car easily with the selection of top-grade Rear Spoilers by Anderson Composites!​
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