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I just want from a T5 to a TKO my first gear when from 3.35 to 2.86.....with 3.73s in the rear, 27" Hoosiers.

Obviously this will effect my overall first gear went from 12.49 with the T5 to 10.66 with the TKO.

I haven't been to track yet, but I don't see that helping my 60' time. Since gears 2-4 are basically the same I don't see it effecting my RPM at the finish line too much.

So what is the best overall ratio to aim for in drag racing?? Is the 12.5 more desired than 10.66?? To get back to the 12.5 I'd have to put 4.30s in it....which I'm certain will run me out of motor in the quarter mile since I already hit the traps at about 6k rpm.
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