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I need some way to get my cars out of the weather and hopefully have some sort of shop (eventually). Shop is an overstatement - really just a place to work on my car with four walls and a roof.

Anyway- looking at 24x31 carport. Should be around 2700 with 2 sides- I will build ends later.

I will park my wife's car on one side with the zero turn in front of it (access mower from back) and my mustang and Honda on the other. My car will stick out a bit but oh well. Eventually I will build a wall down the middle and make a door for that side so my mustang is protected-at which time my Honda probably gets pushed almost all the way out.

Who has a carport? Experiences/ tips ??

How did you close it off (if you did)?

How high would you get it? I need to be able to work under a mustang with jackstands and the hood up? I know I just need to go measure mine on stars.:hammer:

I would love a pole barn - but I don't have that kind of money anytime soon. And this will be put over the 20 ft wide asphalt parking space we have off of our driveway - so at least I have a flat surface to work on.

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