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Hey everyone,

Early Friday morning I am leaving North Central Maryland (21111) and heading for East Destin, FL (32541). I am hauling two mustangs for my buddy who is moving down there for the Navy.

I pretty much plan to drive down to Destin, FL on Route 81 through Virginia and then swing through the east end of Tennessee, down into Georgia then into Alabama and finally Northwest Florida. Depending on your location, I may be able to alter my route some

On the trip down I will have enough open bed space in my truck to carry one or two sets of wheels, some fenders, cylinder heads and/or other odd parts that may be expensive/difficult to ship.

For the return trip my route has not been confirmed yet, but, I may be picking up a vehicle in Southern Pines, NC for delivery to Toms River, NJ.

On the return trip to Maryland, I will have a 30 foot long gooseneck flatbed trailer with long ramps and a winch. I can carry two fox, SN-95, or New Edge cars (or any combination of them) on the trailer. Also I will have the same amount of bed space in the truck as the trip down for tough to ship parts.

If you are interested, you can send me a PM, email me at patricktyrrell80 at yahoo dot com, or call me at 443-690-2339.
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