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Heres what I have for sale, its just cluttering up the garage, so I will take just about ANY offer, as long as buyer pays shipping.

Stock 95 GT Shocks... $10

Stock 95 GT Control Arms... $75 Or any offer +shipping

Stock 95 GT Front Calipers... $40 (for both sides, or $20 either side) Or any offer +shipping

Stock 95 GT spindles and wheel hubs Gone

Eibach Sport Springs (about 1-1.25 inch drop) $50+shipping.

Stock Rotating assembly out of 1995 GT 5.0 with 96,000 miles. The car never saw over 280 horsepower, so the piston tops aren't beat up and decaying. In good and perfectly usable condition. Make offer, low balls accepted, as long as you pay shipping.

Stock 5.0 Oil Pan out of a 95 GT- 30$ Plus shipping, or whatever you offer

All of the stock parts are off of a 95 Mustang GT with 92,000 Miles on them. The Eibachs are off the same car, but only have 15,000 miles on them. As long as you pay shipping, offer is granted. As long as offer is not a crazy lowball Ill accept.

This does mean Ill accept reasonable Lowballs, just not crazy lowballs.

Pictures if you want, but I need to call Sony Tech Line, because my camera is messed up and wont load pictures to computer.
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