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Hey Guys,

Having a bit of a problem here, and hoping you guys can chime in.

Current Setup:

93' Cobra Booster
93' Cobra MC
PBR 13inch calipers up front
93' Cobra calipers out back
All Steel lines / braided lines.

What I'm seeing:

Pedal feels 'ok' at best. I def feel where it's going from nothing to feeling something.

I don't get any brake action AT ALL until the very bottom of the pedal on the floor. But then it's barely enough to bring the car to a crawl from 5 - 10 mph.

I've bled the brakes, and fluid is coming out pretty good. What is my next steps here?

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It's not that big of a deal to do. You don't need to remove the MC from the car, you just need undo the lines, cap them with some vacuum nipples, use some lines you can get at a parts store to recirculate the fluid from the output ports back into the reservoir as you pump the pedal until the bubbles are gone, reattach the lines, and bleed the system again.

Also, if you've gutted your factory proportioning valve, you MUST install a solid plug in the front of the MC. The factory plug actually has a hole in it, which the PV butts against, but when it's gutted, it's possible for the system to introduce air through that hole, cause a recurring soft pedal due to air in the rear lines, and give you fits.
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