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Is this tech? Yes... why you ask? Because I posted a few days ago about my unfortunate circumstances of a freight company losing almost all of my parts to get me back up and running :( The companies name is American Freightways and I haven't been able to understand how they could possibly lose over 300 lbs worth of parts which was on a CRATE! Folks beware if you're shipping and I don't know if I'm the only one that this has ever happened to, but I just don't understand how in the world a company can lose track of something that large...........:(

One nice poster here (123A46GT) just did the opposite swap from R470W to T45 and still had all of his stuff that I'm buying.
After giving this a ton of thought, that is very kind of someone to see how many problems I've had/am having, and help a fellow Corral'er out.

See folks, there are some good folks out here and I just wanted to post my great experience since sometimes things like this are overlooked and all we tend to see are the "This company (insert here). Due to this, I just might get my car running soon.

I've been on the Corral over 5 years now and am still amazed and what some of us will do for each other to help out. I'm in awe......


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