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Cut and dry.

Im near the end of parts procurement.
Heads (AFR165), Cam (B31), Intake (Explorer), Injectors(39lb), P600b, Gauges, Gaskets and so on.
I recently read (prob way too much) about Procharger recommending an SFI balancer.
Though Im not against it...what opinions you have if you have went this route.

Mind you this will be a street car..daily driver (yes) not a weekend racer just sometihng to enjoy in town and short commutes.
I was looking into Dorman/Professional products...but seems as if there are MANY of options.

The car is a 1993 flavor with a stock 5.0. Though it does have an alum flywheel presently what Balancer and weights are guys running for a "fun" driver?

Thanks in advance.
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