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My old friend Jack Roush used to dominate the Professional Road Racing scene in the GT type classes in this country country. I was fortunate enough to be with him and his teams at the 24 HOURS OF DAYTONA In I think 1991 and 1992 where his Mustangs finished 1,2 and 3RD in 92 when he won the Rolex around the clock for the
10TH consecutive year. That was seven Strokes ago for me so some thing get a little fuzzy but some of the drivers in 92 I think were Scot Pruiett who went on to have a successful Indy Car career, maybe Robby Gordon, Lynn St. James, a couple of his NASCAR drivers Wally Dallenbach came from a Road Racing background and I am almost positive that Tommy Kendall was maybe the key driver on one team and he went on to win several Transam Championships when Transam was a pretty popular series that the Manufacturers were very interested in winning.
Got a few pictures I took and these are pictures of pictures is the reason the quality isn’t so good. I have over 2,500 closeup in the garage area and pits at mostly NASCAR tracks.
The first pic is Jack with me on the left and Ralph Correl Jacks Brother In Law, going to show you a couple of NASCAR pictures that I have given hundreds of away over the last 25 years and think you will see why.


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