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FOR SALE: Autopower 4pt. Rollbar removable diagonal & harness bar

Never wrecked, so the bar is in good condition, not tweaked or anything like that. I used it in my track car for a few years, but with small kids, I'm lucky to get an autocross or two a year at this point and definitely don't have time for track days. I pulled it out in the fall so the kids could ride in the back! I don't have room to store it, so it's up for sale.

Condition of bar: Autopower has crappy paint to begin with, there is some wear in spots on the harness bar and the down tubes. If I was going to keep it, I would just strip it down and repaint or powder coat.

This is the rollbar -… ($599) +… ($179) + shipping $100 = $878 total new


**Bonus: I'll throw in my rear seat delete kit + my old i/o port race camera mount (has a nice vibration dampener) (@ $500 price).**
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