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We (the booster club for my son's high school baseball and softball teams) are trying to get enough money up to finish the install on lighting for fields at the high school.

We have secured donations of all types. Poles donated by Tennessee Valley Authority. Lights purchased on a government auction site for pennies on the dollar in cost (lights were only four years old and guaranteed to work). One of the parents actually footed the bill for them, although the diamond club will be paying them back. Brackets for the poles being donated by a local metal fabrication shop. Wiring and labor by the local utility board. The list goes on and on. The players for both teams are also doing individual fundraisers by selling banners, tshirts, etc.

Why do we need lighting? Games last a minimum of two hours. They typically start at 5:00. First game for softball is mid February. Baseball is early March. Short daylight hours. Hard to make time for any JV team play time - and sometimes varsity games are cut short due to light. With lights it would allow us more home games - increasing concession sales and bringing more money into the program.

If anyone would like to donate a bit, it would be greatly appreciated. Every little bit helps.
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