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I've done 3-4 autocross events with various stock cars but this year I'll finally be taking my mustang out. It's mildly modified so I'm not sure what class it would fall under.

Here are the current mods -

Engine -
Cobra intake, GT40 aluminum heads (port-matched to intake), B303 cam, shorty headers/xpipe/catback.

Brakes -
Full SN95 swap

Suspension -
MM CC Plates, FMS C Springs, Bilstein Shocks/Struts, MM strut tower brace, poly sway bar bushings, Steeda rear LCAs, Steeda subframe connectors

Basically it's all bolt ons, but I think the cam puts me in some super modified class, doesn't it?

This fall / winter I'll be installing a MM panhard bar as well. Will that affect the class I'm in at all?

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I think you will fit in any of the following classes:


CP - Unless you take the car much, much farther in development (engine, suspension, etc.) you won't be very competitive on a divisional or national level. You'll need big, fat sticky slicks/R comps.

CAM - Skies the limit on mods. Keep an interior, make sure it's licensed and insured, run 200 TW min. tires and keep it at 3,000# min. weight.

SM - similar to CP. I think relocating suspension pick up points is a no-no, though.

No matter where you class yourself you will have fun. If it were me I'd go with CAM.

Edit - I'd ditch those C springs and go with a H&R race or similar. Talk to MM about what would be appropriate with your bilsteins.
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