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Long story short, I got into an accident in NC on Easter and I dropped it off at a shop to have it fixed by April 28 (when I come back to VA) and have been told that it was going to be fixed every weekend since the 28th and it hasn't been. I finally got fed up and told him I'm coming to get it. All he did was do a general pull on the front clip to bring it around and put new fenders on it as well as glass the hood and do another general pull on the cowl panel. The front will need to be pulled the rest of the way, cowl finished, and front headlight bucket installed. He was going to do all that as well as block the whole car and paint a two-tone candy orange on black for 2k, but I'm tired of getting dicked around over it.

Anyone know of a good shop around here (Fredericksburg, Stafford, etc)?
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