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Hey all. New guy here. I have had mustangs since I was in high school, about 3 over the years but for the last 10 years I have had none! So about a year ago I bought two, apparently to make up for the lost time lol. I have an 87 GT with 26k original miles, (gray), and an 88 GT with 27k original miles. Although I recently decided to sell the 88, so check the classified forum soon. The 88 is BONE stock except for struts, shocks, sway bars and springs and the 87 is the one I will try and hot rod. It has full BBK/Flowmaster exhaust. Full stock replacement suspension and I also converted it from AOD to t5. Next on the list is MAF conversion with new TB, MAF, injectors, intake and possibly cam. We will see what the winter brings.

Anyway, glad to be here, hope to interact more.




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