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AFM power pipes..worth it?

  • are tehy worth the moeny/performance

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  • not worth the hassle

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These are awesome

Has this on my 1997 Cobra (the first one produced...the actual prototype as a matter of fact). Danny Biggs and Rick were right on when they said I would see an extra 4 psi of boost. Netted me about 60 more HP total after Dyno tuned with this the wheels. Great Part. AFM is 90 LX 306 is there now getting "checked" and tuned after I just put it together. Call them at:

217-935-3106 and ask for Rick or Danny and they will give you the low down. These guys know their stuff. (Rick is the builder of the famous "Clean 5.0" that ran mid-10s with teh A/C on full blast and 9'S with the A/C turned off).

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I'd say its definitely worth it. Most people see *at least* 1-2 more lbs. of boost after install. I personally dont know what I gained because my boost gauge was crap.
Someone told me this analogy and it pretty much sums it up. Think of it as sucking air through a straw. Then sucking in air through a much wider tube.. much more air can be taken in, thus the gains in boost.

The install isnt very difficult. I just installed mine a few months ago. The toughest part is making the hole in the fender bigger to fit the pipe through.

Hope this helps,

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