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Yes hello Im looking for someome who has successfully installed the aeroforce gauge and more importantly the wideband kit. I have the gauge installed on my steering column and ive plugged in all plugs in the correct areas but my question is where/to what wires do i connect the wires from the power harness and the analog harness to? Thats what we need to know. So if anyone can help me here itd be greatly appreciated..

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c/p install manual

Install the provided LSU4.9 sensor by welding the exhaust bung into the exhaust
pipe. You must use the provided M18x1.5 bung if your vehicle does not have an
open or existing one. Make sure the location of the bung is no less than a
minimum of 18 inches after the exhaust ports.
a. If you have a turbo charger, the bung must be installed no less than a
minimum of 36 inches after the exhaust ports, but before the catalytic
converter. This also applies if you are using unleaded race fuel.
b. The bung must be positioned in such a way that the sensor is at a minimum
of 10 degrees from a horizontal position with the electrical connection up to
prevent a collection of liquid at the element during the warm up phase.
2. Route and secure the wire harness from the sensor into the vehicle, close to the
controller’s location.
3. The controller must be placed inside the vehicle away from the heat, water,
moisture, dirt, and all moving parts. The controller also should be in an easy
access location, so that it may be accessed for calibration, when necessary.
4. Once the controller is in its permanent location, secure and route the power wire
harness for the controller.
a. Connect the red wire to a switched (ignition on) positive 12 volt source.
b. Connect the white wire to a switched (ignition on) positive 12 volt source.
c. Connect the black wire to a ground source (the wire going to pin 5 of the
OBD2 port is a good source for signal ground but not required. It may
eliminate the rare instance of a small error due to differences in ground
d. Orange wire is not used.
Analog Output Harness
Black - Ground (from your power connection - this can be connected to the input
of a the data logging device if needed). This does not need to be connected to
Brown - Wide band analog output 0-5v (0v = 10 AFR, 5V = 20 AFR). This wire
will connect to the Interceptor analog input (see gauge instructions) or other data
logging device.
Green - Narrow band analog output (narrow band simulator). Connect to the
appropriate wire on factory O2 harness to prevent check engine light if this sensor
has replaced a factory sensor

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Thanks dude!!! For some reason everytime i tried to click onto this manual from their website it kept saying the "file is damaged" or some crap like that. Weird. But yes that was EXACTLY what i was looking for.. thank u much for ur time in posting that. Greatly appreciated..
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