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this thing sticks on the power shift only over 6400rpm.
im turning it 7000-7200rpm and at full throttle, on the power shifts
the car will go to the next gear with my foot flat on the floor, and
car will hit fuel rev limit the whole time foot is still on gas pedal
popppp,poppp,poppp immediately following the release of clutch and stabbing throttle again
if i lift, it will quit, and when i hit the throttle again, it will continue pulling
to the next shift point back at 7200rpm.

is this a common problem with stick cars and chips ???

i had a sniper chip that is dyno tuned and car does the same thing except
when power shifting the next gear the car stumbles or completely quits running like it is out of gas.
i know for sure car is loosing signal at the injecter harness ground wire
when this happens,
and i have had it pegg inj. wide open and flood motor when i hit throttle pedal second time to see if car will recover from the nose dive on the initial shift. either way i have no control over throttle at all when this happens until i shut key off and reset everything.

any ideas ???

tried diff. a9l and even diff brand chip w/two seperate tuners,
still having probs with hardload full throttle shifts.
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