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Originally posted by jlynch:
[QB]My car had 12mm bolts installed in the 14mm holes with a 14mm sleeve in the front IRS subchassis mounts. An 18mm wrench will fit the head and the nut on the incorrect 12mm diameter bolts. The correct 14mm bolts will require a 20mm wrench.

The slop in the bushing-to-bolt may contribute to some of the clunk and thud noises on some IRS cars.

Just take an 18mm socket and try it on the bolt head inside the frame rail or an open end on the outboard nut.

Let me know what you find.

JOe Lynch[/QB]

Originally posted by jlynch:
[QB]Here are some pics, annotated for your use, LOL...

From the right side of the car, in front of the rear wheel, toward the center of the car..

from underneath looking toward the right side of the car from under the driveshaft

Looking down on my removed IRS showing the IRS subchassis right front stub, which was where the HPM lower control arm is now in the pics above.

The new bolt and the old bolt.


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and then this makes it very interesting...

Originally posted by trans man:
[QB]El Presidente

Joe,i just had the rear suspension diagram faxed over from Ford.the subframe bushings are the same at all four corners(same part #)i just looked at the rear bolts and thet are the small ones(18mm wrench fits them also)so it is safe to assume we have slop there as well.but,the rear bolts have self locking tabs(blind nut,non acessible with wrench)which means we cannot change the rears with a bigger bolt.seems like some very bad assembly technique.give us some thoughts on this one.maybe its time to call someone at SVT.[/QB]
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