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I am selling a 99-01 Cobra intake. The upper lid is powdercoated in a gloss black and the lower intake is powdercoated in a polished silver finish. Has a brand new Cobra snake emblem on it. The intake comes with a 1/2" spacer, the gaskets for the upper to spacer to lower, the stock throttle body, and the throttle cable bracket. This intake is unported. The EGR port has been threaded to be used as a vacuum source but will not interfere in any way with the EGR function if you want to run an EGR valve. The vacuum nipple in the rear of the lid was removed and threaded. A hose barb to NPT fitting is all you need. If I have the correct size, I'll include it with the intake.

This was on a twin turbo car that went 9.41 @ 145 at 3850 lbs and 19.5 lbs of boost on the stock throttle body! So much for needing a ported short runner intake! My goal was to put this in the 8's with the stock intake and throttle body but I had fuel delivery issues and couldn't up the boost past 19.5 lbs without it going lean.

This intake can be ran on a bone stock 4.6 DOHC C head engine or on something that makes some power.

I'll sell it with the spacer for $450 shipped or for $500 with the aftermarket fuel rails. Rails have some old black plastikote on them and one of the bolt holes was notched to allow it to slide in behind the rear bolt with a Kenne Bell 2.8. Nothing that affects the way they work.

Please email [email protected] with any questions.

I also have a Fuelab EFI regulator for sale, Bosch 160 lb low impedance injectors, 03 Cobra instrument cluster, Autometer cluster gauge pod, 03 Cobra air bags, 03 Cobra front sway bar.

Thank you


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