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I have been driving my 96 Cobra for almost 5 years and really enjoy it.>:) I realized that I want my car faster. So I prepared a parts list. However, as I am not very knowledgeable; I really seek your help and your thoughts.:eek: I' m not planning to change the stock crank,stock heads and the transmission at least for now. 0:)

I have the D1SC procharger kit with 3 core intercooler,
custom made 3" complete exhaust with custom X pipe and Borla Axle Back mufflers,
Tein coil-over kit, IMRC deletes
4.10 rear end, big 5 core radiator and Mercedes Benz HO electric fan
Running on Axis GTR Wheels fronts: 20"x9"(245x40x20Pirelli Pzero) rears 20"x10.5"(305x35x20 Pirelli Pzero)

I have just disassembled the engine. My parts list(Planned):

1-4.6L Wiseco Pistons / K1 H-Beam Connecting Rod Combo 9.9:1 CR

2- MHS 4.6L / 5.4L 4V Stage 4 Blower Camshafts
Duration @ .050" 232 / 236
Lift .480" / .480"
Lobe Sep Angle 115 + 5

3- Ford Racing High Flow Fuel Injectors - 80lb/Hr
4-Aeromotive A-1000 Fuel Pump
5-McLeod RXT 1200 Twin Plate Clutch Kits 6923-07HD

6-Kooks 11222400 - 1996 - 2004 Mustang Cobra / Mach 1 4.6L 4V 1 7/8" Long Tube Stainless Steel Headers

7-MHS .500" Lift Stage 2 4V Valve Springs

8-MSD DIS-4 PLUS Ingition box, MSD coils
9-Heads will be ported and polished
I am curious about what rwhp is my maximum limit with the parts listed below?? Drag times??:crying2::crying2::crying2:
I am open for any suggestions and advices, there may be some wrong part selections, please make the corrections together :)
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