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OK alittle run down...converting an 86 coupe with all the stuff from a 96 cobra i bought that is wrecked. So the coupe will be completely wired from the cobra and everything will work as it should..this will be the second time i have coverted a car. first one was a termi swap.

the build so far, is that i chose the b heads for the resaon that they will flow well under boost. plus i like the look of the 96/98 cobra intake over the c head intake.

I picked up a low mile Termi short block so the motor is set for the amount of horse power i plan to have in the coupe.

now for the question of intakes, I have a choice of 2 96 cobra intakes.... one intake is completly stock with the runners, Now i have seen where you take an inch out of the runners helps move air pretty well

for the second intake i have.... the runners are completly removed. do you think this intake would be worth trying is ported and looks pretty nice
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