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This is my first time posting on this site. I have a stock 95 3.8L mustang and I am looking at an engine swap and I would love to do an LS swap.

I have never done an engine swap so I am in the progress of doing a lot of research. The most I have ever done so far is to change a cam in my audi a6. It was a bear but with the help of the awesome people on the audi forums it was easy, time consuming, but easy.

I have found LSx4U.COM and they sell used sl engine packages which include the wiring harness.

I want a project that is going to beef up my car and keep it on a budget. I don't intend to race or anything. I just want to drive it around town on the weekends and use it as a grocery getter.

I believe my current transmission is a T-5 but I am not sure. If you guys could shed some light on my project and point me in the right direction on things I need to consider and what all it takes to do the swap I would appreciate it.

I need all the help I can get and any information is greatly appreciated.
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