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Alright folks, here is what happened/what I got. I bought these off of a fellow member one month ago. He sold them to me described as “like new”. After payment was made, he never shipped the wheels. After I file a complaint with paypal, the wheels show up, in the condition I am about to describe. Paypal got me a partial refund, and I never heard back from the rip-off artist (who also duped another corral member as well). That being said, I am going to sell them off, recoup as much of my loss as I can, and try again at getting some styling rims for my ride.

Here goes:
All of the rims have some sort of cosmetic blemishes. All have curb rash to some degree. My yahoo photos link has pics of all rims so you can see firsthand. 3 of the four (all except Cr 2) have minor bubbling of the coating around the lug nut areas.

Cr2 is the best looking rim of the lot, except for a small ding (pictured at your 6 o’clock when viewing pic) still holds air, no problems other than cosmetic.

All pictures are taken from 2 feet away at 5 megapixels, so you can zoom in on each rim and see the exact condition of each rim.

The tires are Dunlop SP sport 5000 245/45 ZR 17’s. All still have useable tread left. Pic of Cr 1 rim has some uneven wear on the outside.

These would make a great track set of rims, or a hella nice “5 footer”

The ‘R” emblems I cannot find any problems with, and will also deduct $50 if you do not want the “r” center caps.

I will not dismount the tires and sell just the rims; they all go as a package.

I will bag the tires/rims and send via UPS anywhere in the continental US.

Each wheel/tire combo weighs 45 pounds.

Looking to get $400 shipped for the set.


Please email me with any questions and I will answer as best I can.

I take paypal and money orders.



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