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Car is located in Northern California

I am looking to sell my 92 fox body, and every part I have with it. The car is currently under construction. All new parts, and its going to be a bad mother ####er when its done, I just don't have the time. This will be a bottom dollar price, don't contact me and waste your time or my time if you don't have the cash or if you think the price is too high or some other bull####. Nothing has been purchased used, nothing has been fired up or ran. This is all new parts, and someone will get a hell of a deal considering I just don't have the time or energy to finish the build. If I can't get what I am asking it will just sit until I finish it, I don't need the cash that bad.
Ed at FTI said it should make north of 650hp NA on E85 shifted at 7400-7500rpm. If you are interested and want the cam specs I can provide them to you. As most of you know, Ed is very familiar with these types of setup and knows how to make power.

Please contact me at [email protected] or feel free to PM me on corral.

363 SHP dart, 9cc Dome Diamond pistons, roughly 13.9:1 with the 58cc AFRsScat 4340 crank, Scat 4340 H beams, ARP 2000 rod bolts, Romac balancer, and Scat SFI flexplate. $5,000 purchase price

AFR- 220s 58cc with upgraded Solid roller Valvetrain, and Titanium retainers. $2400 new

Aeromtive Stealth fuel System- $2200 new.

Edelbrock Super Victor Intake- Ported by FTI to match heads- $905

Wilson 4150 throttle body, $700 new

GSP Link bar solid roller lifers- $699

Rollmaster timing set0 $149

FTI solid roller cam and cam plate- $550

LGM- Shaft mount rockers- $739

id1050x injectors- $1,000

Holley HP EFI with all harnesses, Digitlal Dash stand alone Kit, Holley Dual sync distributor,Florida 50 mount bezel, and all sensors. $3,400

GZ Vacuum pump with crank mandrill and upgraded lines- $1,000

Mazeire electric water pump- $500

Kooks- 2-3.5 stainless headers and 3.5 h pipe. $1800

Dynomax bullets and Ultra flows 3.5 inch. Couldn't decide which one I was goin to run, bought both. $200

Dynamic brand new converter specd for this setup. $1300

Dynamic Performance PRO C4 Transmission with transbrake, this trans was in my old 302 setup. it was just sent out and rebuilt- $1800

Rearend is stange 31 spline axles, Detroit locker, c clip eliminators, fMS 3.73 gears, and was built by River city Differentials. This has some runs on it.

Brakes- All brand new 4 lug Aerospace brake kit front and rear. Aeromotive manual brake booster, and maximum motorsports manual pedal assembly. $1600

2 new Kirkey 18inch Aluminum Seats and Covers, with Team Z motorsports seat brackets- $750

Bran new Braile 15lb battery- $200

K&N air filter for 4150 Tb- new $200

Nitrous kit- Was $2200 new, has a few passes on it before I blew up the old motor. This waas on my old setup and wasn't planning on running it with this setup, but the bottle and everything is mounted in the car. This kit has every bell and whistle, the only thing it would need is a new plate or nozzle. I sold the edelbrock rpm plate that was on my old intake. This is a NX kit with a 15lb bottle, stand alone fuel system, purge, bottle heater, pressure gauge, blow off valve, fuel lines for the stand alone etc, zex tps activation(wouldn't need the tips activation if was ran with the Holley efi. Its this system with a 15lb bottle.

and the safe system.

The seats and brackets need to be installed, Holley refi needs to be finished up, Motor, headers, converter, and trans and shifter are in the car. The Holley efi needs to be finished up. Fuel system is installed, no fuel or anything has been ran through the system.

The car has the following parts on it that were on it before
200 amp alternator
UPR front K member with coil overs
strange adjustable shocks front and rear
caster camber plates for coil overs,
Maximum motorsports 6 pt roll bar with swing out doors
maximum motorsports full frame subframes
Flaming river manual rack
Baseline suspension upper control arms, weight jacker ride height adjustable lowers
aluminum radiator with mark 8 electric fan,
Autolite gauges you wouldn't really need with the Holley digital dash, but they are there.
4inch cowl boss inc hood that needs paint
4 lug Draglite skinnies and two sets of rear draglites one for slicks and one for drag radials. One of the front wheels is slightly bent from a pot hole. Mickey Thompson 28inch stiff wall slicks on one set, they are older and have always been indoors, only about 15 passes on them from the old combo.

brake lines need to be installed, pedal assembly finished, Holley efi finished seats and brackets need to installed, trans mount will need to be custom made to clear the big ass headers/x pipe unless it was ran open headers.

Message me for more info, or for my number. I am sure there is a bunch of other #### I'm forgetting to talk about. Buyer will get all parts I have for this car, all the little extra #### I haven't listed.

Thanks Mike

here are some pics

20k firm!!!!

pm me on here or contact me at [email protected]


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Bump, or maybe ill just finish her.
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