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Hi and thanx for looking!! I'm selling my 1990 lx hatch that I've had since '95 I'm the second owner. Bought it with 75K miles Chassis now has 140K on it. It's red with grey interior. It has had many engine combos in it and of course it has been down the track more than a few times. The car was originally taken to Dwayne at Outrageous Mustangs. Anyway he welded the torque boxes and Global West Full Length sub frames. Fast forward to now;

Engine Management:
-Late model Mexican fully machined, chamfered, screw in oil plugs, stress risers removed
-'69 steel crank counterweights shaved
-ARP Main studs
-SVO Long Rods w/ ARP rod bolts
-Manley Flat tops w/ valbe reliefs
-AFR 165's 58cc
-.600 lift valve springs
-FMS Alum. 1.6 roller rockers
-Comp 232/240 @ .050 lift .565/.574 112 lobe sep.
-Crane Hi-Rev Link Bar Hyd. Roller Lifters
-Crane hardened pushrods
-FMS double roller timing set
-FMS steel SFI Damper
-Edelbrock Performer RPM II
-Accufab polished 70mm t-body
-Kirban adj. Fuel Press. reg.
-stock lines and rails
-FMS 36# injs.
-MSD Blaster TFI coil
-MSD cap
-MSD rotor
-FMS 8.8mm wires
-Atuolite 3924
-FMS Aluminum Radiator
-160 t-stat
-MAC 1 3/4 in. Longtubes
-Mac 2 1/2 in. H-pipe
-Dynomax flo-tubes and chrome 2 1/2 in. tailpipes
-Flowmaster 2 chamber 2 1/2 in. mufflers
-Street under drive
-FMS steel flywheel w/ ARP Bolts
-FMS HD Press. PLate
-Centerforce Dual friction clutch
-Tremec TKO Trans
-Pro 5.0 shifter
-FMS Aluminum D-shaft
-FMS 4.30 gears
-Auburn 31 spline diff
-FMS 31 spline 5 lug axles
-Driveshaft loop
-Lakewood 90/10's
-Lakewood 50/50's
-Eibach Drag Launch Kit
-Hothckis Lower control arms
-Stock Uppers
-Weld wheels 5 lug
-Nitto 275/50 drag radials
-NHRA Legal 8pt. Bar installed by reputable shop in NJ(through floor to subframe connectors)
-Autometer sport comp guages 100psi fuel, h2o, oil press, boost.
-Steeda Batt. relocation kit(NHRA Legal)
-Most non essential "stuff" inside removed
NO A/C!!

Pictures at:

I think I got it all! Thanx for reading that! Anyway put engine in it to sell it. Broke it in, tuned it, took it to the track on the small cam (306hp @ tires) Car went 12.20 @ 114mph @ 3200 lbs. Changed cam to larger tuned it to 341Hp and 329ft.lbs. at the tires and haven't gone back to the track(all times/dyno run on pump gas). Calculators say at 3200lbs. car should go high 11's at 117-119 mph. Engine/ heads/intake/cam has less than 500 miles on it. Have other stuff for sale also 5.4 32 valve engine, JW Mega HP Glide etc. Have pic of dyno sheet. Any questions please call or email 407.489.5834/ [email protected]. Thanks again for looking!!!

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