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I'm going to sell my 1986 T-Top Mustang GT $3,500 O.B.O. Looking for a new apartment so I need some cash. Tried selling it 2 years ago but ended up getting cash and didn't sell it. That may happen again :lol: I am open to trades +no less than $1,500 cash(that's what I need to cover the moving expenses)

Unsure on mileage, title has it exempt and the speedo is incorrect due to the C4 gearing. It's got over 100k on the body, but not much is original so that's a moot point :lol: .

Call me (Brad) at (727)410-0138 if interested, i work alot so leave a message if i dont answer. Or message me on here as well.

*1987-93 Block with valve relief pistons
*1986 E-6 heads ported with 1.6 SVO rockers
*130-140 compression on all cylinders
*MAF conversion, NEW flow-matched 24lb injectors
*Has a cam, I'm unsure of the type, has a pretty nasty lope and alot of mid/top end so it has a pretty big lift
*Cobra upper and lower intake
*Pro-flow MAF
*80mm throttle body
*MSD Cap/Rotor, new wires
*A9-T Computer (needs to be tuned, runs VERY rich, has to have the fuel turned off via a toggle switch I put in to restart hot and bogs out with too much fuel if i floor it)
*Aftermarket short tube headers
*EGR Bypass
*Newer water pump
*Aluminum Single Core Radiator
*Blue silicon cooling hoses
*New TRE Performance 255 fuel pump
*Flow-Master mufflers
**3g alternator conversion with upgraded wiring and overdrive pulley
*under-drive crank pulley
*Solid Motor Mounts
*A/C works but has an evaporator leak, it will last at least a month on a charge, throw another can in and keep rolling in the cold :D
*Super-duty cooling fan ran off a relay like it should be when the key is turned on (no ghetto fan switches :lol: )

*TCI rebuild C-4 with a reverse manual valve body and 3,000 stall TCI street fighter torque converter
*Aluminum drive-shaft
*Hurst quarter stick
*3:55 gears

*Newer shocks but all stock(needs new rear springs they are a little soft she squats a good bit over bumps and sharp turns causing the tires to rub)

*Beautiful light blue paint job with ghosting in the doors
*Fiberglass cowl hood
*Nicely built welded in roll cage
*LX tail lights
*Recovered vinyl seats
*Aftermarket aluminum wheels (unsure of brand)
*Carpet covered dash
*Aftermarket pioneer stereo and rear speakers
*Power windows (could use alignment on windows, they take a 30 seconds to go up per side)
*Repainted interior from red to Grey (needs to be redone in the rear areas)

Here are some pics. More pics below as well..

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