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Up for sale is my 86 Mustang GT that I have had for quite sometime. I bought it bone stock and have taken it to where it is now. The car is still a solid, straight bodied car. Needs to have a new passenger side fender, already has a new driver's side fender, new front bumper cover, some dings in the roof bumped out, and a nice paint job. It has no radio or heat/air as it is still pretty much a strip oriented car. The car really needs to have a badass motor/nitrous/blower/turbo set down in it and roar down the strip. Here is the rundown as it currently runs.

10pt cage, subframe connectors, welded torque boxes
2.5" cowl hood
aluminum radiator and electric fan
8.8 rearend with strange 33spline kit, 5/8" studs, 3.73 gear, diff cover
UPR Pro Race rear suspension, lakewood 50/50 shocks, stock rear springs
QA1 tubular k-member, stock control arms, Moroso front springs, Strange adjustable struts, Flaming River manual rack, Maximum Motorsports caster/camber plates
ASP manual brake kit, Hurst Line Lock(unwired)
Centerline Convo Pro 15x3/15x8 wheels with regular radials all around
5pt harnesses
All the wiring, as well as the EFI wiring and computer, are in the car and functional, including lights, wipers, etc. The fuel sending unit does need to be replaced with an 86 model. The car is still currently tagged for road duty.

I am going to include a couple more items that are not installed. That list includes:

Fiberboy 4in bolt on cowl hood
Dash cover panel already painted to match
Moroso Battery Box with cables(this box is nicer than the one currently in the car)

There may or may not be other stuff to go with it, just cannot remember all of it. I am either looking to sell it straight out for $3000obo or I am willing to trade on somethings. I have a couple things in mind that I am wanting, but none of which I am willing to add money on my end for. One vehicle I wouldn't mind trading for would be a close to bone stock fox body Mustang with a V8/5spd and still have all the accessories working(AC and such). Any color as long as it is not red will work. Like to find another stone, stock 86 hatch. Not really particular on body style. Another thing, but probably not out there at this price, would be a full size pickup truck. Not really sure what I am looking for on this one, but something nice with working accessories. If interested, I can be reached at [email protected] with further questions.

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