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NOTE: manual rack, tubular k member, aluminum dash not included or available seperately.

My "friend" Mike Tewkesbury, owner of All American Towing, is FVCKING ME OVER on the title, so I'm moving on.

If you want a project with an open title and want to deal with Mike at All American Towing to get it, or have your own means of retrieving a title, have at it.

I've had the car since Feb '09, and tired of waiting for a title before I move any further.

I will include the original gas tank and an '89 V8 gas tank too.

pin on decklid is included, since i hacked the hinges off and this car will never have a regular decklid ever again.

I can include good parts for an extra charge if wanted:

8.8 w/ 3.08 gear and quad shocks installed, $150 installed

87-93 V8 K member complete with suspension and brakes, $150 installed

full front end with inner driver side headlight setup for 4" turbo inlet, 3" pin on cowl hood setup, $200

(besically i'll put the car back together with the pin on hood and the V8 front/rear parts and you'll have a rolling coupe project for $500

here is the rundown including present condition:
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