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Last summer I bought my old Mustang GT back that I had 18 years ago with intentions on restoring it this winter, i've been so busy I haven't even had time to look at it and then today I moved it outside and just realize it's more work than I want to get into right now so I'm looking to let the car go to someone who might want to restore it, if it doesn't sell in the next week or so I will take it apart and sell the parts down at the Columbus swap meet.. I restored this car back in 2000 and made it perfect a friend of mine let it sit outside and get destroyed for the last 15 years..
I just plain and simple don't have the time to do a restoration at this point in my life so here it is.
Good parts on it still, good bumpers, HO Fibertrends hood, 140 speedo, 3 spoke steering wheel.. pretty sure I stuffed an 8.8 Annette to roll it around when I sold it to him and it also has 87 to 93 front brakes.
1300.00 Cash complete as it sits, if you're interested in it as a complete car get with me ASAP because I could even get a bug up my ass by next week and just take it apart I'm not gonna have time to deal with a lot of back-and-forth about buying the car it needs to go I need the space here, I really had the hopes of fixing this car back to what it used to be oh well #### happens..
Located 44138 Ohio
text for more pics 440-476-4114

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