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I've had this car for the past 3 years. I've used it as a daily driver from spring to fall. I'm selling it because I'd like to pay some bills and get a car trailer. I'm looking to get $4000obo. I have a lot more invested then this.

About the car:
The car was built 11/04/1983 in Dearborn. It was ordered without a/c and had manual locks and windows. I have a lot of documentation on the car dating back to the mid 90's. I put a motor from a wrecked 86 svo in the car in August. The motor has only 78000 miles on it. I also installed a new clutch, pilot bearing, and throwout bearing at this time all new from ford. Last year the car slid down a hill into the a truck. It dented the front of the hood, scratched the front bumper and pushed it down a bit. I took the car to the local body shop and was quoted $1200 to fix the hood and paint match the front end. The drivers side of the car has been keyed as well. I'm not sure if it will buff out or not.

Pictures: for Sale/

- 8.8 rear w/ SVO girdle cover (powder coated)
- Global West subframe connectors (full matrix - Part# 921)
- Global West tubular (rear lower control arms - Mustang Part # TBF-1)
- Ford Heavy Duty rear upper control arms (boxed & POR-15)
- SN 95 front suspension (all new parts used)
- new Konis all 4 corners (converted from slapper bar to quad shock)
- powder coated front & rear sway bars
- FMS Aluminum drive shaft
- 04 GT brakes on front
- Baer brakes on rear 11" rear
- Kenny Brown C/C plates & K-member brace
- Flaming River Manual rack
- LA3 computer w/ 35lbs injectors
- Gillis Adjustable Boost Control
- E6 manifold
- Square intake manifold
- ARP Head Studs
- new exhaust (no Cat or EGR Valve)
- 3" Downpipe (necks to 2.5 for muffler)
- Dynomax Turbo Muffler
- 3 row Aluminum rad w/ electric fan
- 97 GT wheels with BFG KDWS Tires
- Option Delete car (A/C, manual windows/locks)
- Pro 5.0 shifter
- '79 Pace Car seats recovered in SVO cloth
- rear seat delete
- battery relocated to the back
- FMS shifer and leather boot
- Bob Tweedy recovered steering wheel
- host of Autometer guages

I can be contacted by email @ [email protected]
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