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I'm selling my old mustang. It's def a fixer upper, but it runs and I drove it everyday for 6 months 65 mile round trip until I got my L fixed. Unknown miles, original flat tappet 5.0 and t-5 trans. It leaks oil and grinds 3rd and 4th. But I spent a little over $1700 getting the car road worthy so it's legal for the street except for one light that got busted in a recent fender bender. It's got new front brakes, rack and pinion, brake booster, wires, cap and rotor, ignition coil, 4 brand new tires, transmission oil and rear end oil, starter and ignition switch (the one in the steering column). It was an electric window car but I made the drivers side manual and didn't have a good panel to put back up. It's got this one thing it does where it starts right up most of the time, then other times I have to play with the starter solenoid (tap on it) and it'll start up after wards or you have to hook some jumper cables up to it. It's also got divorced duals with flowmasters and a holley dual feed 750 carb on it (yea I know that's insane but.....) and last time I drove it I got about the same milage as my L does...about 15 mpg. I will also include a 600 or 650 (I forget what size it was) holley single feed carb to go along with it.

This car would be good as a roller or resto, or sleeper for anybody. I know I won't get all my money back but I can't just give it away.

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M. Guillory
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