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So I bought a '96 Cobra and completely disassembled it to clean it up and replace all of the suspension with Maximum Motorsports stuff. When I got it apart I decided that rather than rebuild the 4.6 I wanted to coyote swap it. The motor will come from a drivetrain on a pallet. I know, and understand, the challenges that come along with going that route so let's save all that discussion for when I start posting that build, lol. The point is I ended up with a pretty good pile of leftovers that I was trying to decide what I should do with it all. I went to my wife and said "hey, I've got this big pile of stuff that's not in bad shape so I don't want to scrap any of it. I also don't want to mess with trying to sell it. How do you feel about me finding a good price on fox body to see how cheap I can do a 4v swap?" That AMAZING woman told me to go for it!

Right now I've got the drivetrain, fuel system, and the brakes from the wheels to the proportioning valve out of the sn95 installed in the fox.

Not going to a lot of detail until I can make this build a priority (which will be a while) but I'll post some pics.

I know this has been done a thousand times but I've found there's a bit of information that isn't readily available. If anyone's got questions about anything specific I'll answer whatever I can.

These pictures are with the wheel and tire package that I bought for my Cobra.


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